Brick laying Robots. They’re here, will they replace Bricklayers?

Construction accounts for the vast majority of work around the world and many people rely on their construction jobs to put food on the table.

However, construction can also take a long time to complete and many companies and subcontractors are working on strict deadlines with penalty fees if they do not finish in time.

The new brick-laying robot might be the answer, but it will also cost millions of workers jobs around the world.

(See the video of the robot in action below...)

We have explored this topic to find out whether it is a good thing or not and how companies will feel when the robots are eventually released for commercial use around the world. 

The immediate impact:

The immediate impact will be quite troublesome and many people will eventually lose their jobs to this robot.

All construction companies including work wear and work boot suppliers will be affected and many jobs in between. 

Tests have shown that the average human is only capable of laying around 500 bricks per day, while these robots can lay a staggering 3000 bricks per day.

Are robots replacing humans? Watch and find out

That is significantly more than the average human and calculations say that the robot is capable of building a 4-bedroom house in around 2 days.

The mass job loss will have a tough effect on the economy and while those in charge of these companies will be making more money, it could potentially even force companies to go bankrupt.

The rich companies will jump on the bandwagon first and they will also get most of the construction contracts, leaving the smaller companies without business and potentially force them to declare bankruptcy.

Construction sites, on the other hand, will flourish and jobs will be completed in a much shorter period. This can have somewhat of a positive effect on the economy as new businesses are built much faster to contribute to the economy.

How the robots work and how effective are they:

While many will lose their job, a few will still be kept on to operate these robots. They will not need any breaks like lunch or tea, but they must be maintained for quality and setup to start working. The robots are designed with automatic routing, cutting, and loading.

This makes the job for the operator easier and the robot is capable of working for 24-hours a day. These robots will definitely be effective and expensive to buy, but they offer a new dimension to the construction industry that has never been seen before.
(Watch a robot print a small building here)

While millions around the world will be left without a job, those lucky enough to own these robots will certainly see their jobs increase and the money pile into their pockets.

brick laying robot

Nevertheless, there will certainly be some sort of public outcry or backlash when these robots are released for commercial use and petitions will start making rounds from those unfortunate enough to be laid off.

Final Thoughts:

This is certainly a painful thing for many and we would not like to see anyone lose their jobs to a robot. We would like to invite you to join in the discussion on our comment section and share your thoughts and emotions on how you feel about these robots and how effective they will be.

Please also let us know how you think they could shape the future of the construction industry.

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