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In the following articles we’ve gone through just about all the information with tips on picking the right pair of boots to getting the most of them so the stay around for years to come. As well as some of the new technology that is emerging to help you get your job done around the work site.

You don’t want to get a new pair of boots just to have them trashed and destroyed with a couple of months of use. Make sure you take care of the material the right way no matter what they are made of.

This is the same as making sure your boots snugly hug your feet and aren’t too big or too small. Getting the right size can mean you have to manipulate the material. We’ve covered some guides on how to do this. Check out the following articles and posts below.

How to become a Lineman in America

How to Become a Lineman in America Nobody can remain rational when their electricity clicks off without warning. When its been off for 3 or 4 days, you want to spit! When you’re used to having electricity consistently delivered by means of a complex network, being without electricity for just a couple of hours literally […]

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Different Types of Concrete – An Evolving High-Performance, Adaptable Building Product

Different Types of Concrete – An Evolving High-Performance, Adaptable Building ProductLook around you and you’ll see concrete everywhere – in roads and buildings. It’s amazing the way concrete can be poured as a liquid, and then it hardens to rock, being versatile and high performing.In its simplest form, concrete is made up of portland cement […]

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How Should Work Boots Fit? Like This…

How Should Work Boots Fit – Like ThisWork boots are an essential piece of kit on a construction site and could mean the difference between a stubbed toe and a missing toe! But all the extra protection they provide can come at the cost of comfort. Ill-fitting work boots cause serious blisters, foot pain, and contribute […]

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How to Waterproof Boots – 4 easy steps Leather and Fabric

Here are some of the top tested ways that you can waterproof your boots easily. These methods will certainly help improve the lifespan and rejuvenate their durability. Waterproof work boots are essential in wet conditions. Quite regularly you will find you have to make your footwear water-resistant yourself.(Check our reviews of top-rated waterproof work boots here) Once […]

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