Most common health and safety violations on the job site! Which have you used?

Health and safety is one of the most important parts of any job and companies spend thousands of dollars each year to ensure that they and their workers adhere to these standards.

However, there are still tons of job site violations that occur every year and we have found the most common job site violations that occur from time to time.

Most common job site violations

Workers do take chances from time to time and this could lead to serious injury and even penalties for your company. Here are the 5 most common job site violations that we have picked up from workers.

Fall Protection:

Watch at your own risk! 

Having fall protection is place can definitely save a couple of lives. Workers working at heights can be extremely stressed out and this can lead to mistakes and even misjudgement and falling.

To avoid serious injury, safety nets and harnesses can be put in place to keep the individuals from falling and getting seriously hurt. It can also potentially save a life.

Head Protection:

With massive fines being imposed on employees without the correct head protection, people are still taking chances due to the uncomfortable design of the hard hat.

In the construction and mining industries, it is fundamentally important to have the right equipment and to set aside money to present your employees with the adequate head protection.

Lack of training:

Many employers still like to beat around the bush and minimise their labor expenses. This leads to inexperienced workers being employed without the necessary qualifications or training.

In jobs like construction, this seems to be a prominent issue and could lead to serious injuries and even death if the individual is unlucky. Employers should confirm the qualifications presented and also host training course for the safety of employees.

Face and eye protection:

Top quality safety glasses are quite expensive and people still take chances by working without them. This could lead to potentially serious injuries and the company can even find themselves in a lawsuit over medical expenses.

If you are working in dusty areas of in construction, the face and eye protection are important. Safety glasses should be a prominent feature for your workers.

Hazard communication:

This one can be quite tricky of the individual and the company is not aware of any potential hazards. Chemical hazards are occasionally found and this could lead to illnesses and also death. By scouting the area thoroughly and improving the data sheets, all workers will be aware of the potential dangers that could potentially cause them harm. It can also help with better preparation before big jobs.

Final Thoughts:

Job site violations are now severely punished by OSHA and to avoid these penalties, it is definitely recommended that you adhere to the safety regulations they have established. These 5 violations are the most common now and they can all be avoided with the right supervision and research of the area.
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Please share your thoughts in the comment section and let us know if we might have missed any other common job site violations that you have found at work and how these can also be avoided.

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