How To Stretch Work Boots For A Great Fit

When you buy a new pair of work boots the likelihood is that they won’t be entirely comfortable. In order to get a perfect fit you will need to stretch them until they conform to your feet. but with so much conflicting advice and hacks available online it’s easy to get confused about how best to do this.

Some of the most common suggestions for how to stretch work boots include freezing them, heating them with a hair dryer, and submerging them in water. Some of the hacks even suggest submerging them and then wearing them for an hour or two. Unsurprisingly none of these common hacks are likely to work and they might even cause damage to your boots. Not to mention how uncomfortable soggy boots would be to wear!

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Top tips

1. Consider buying work boots with a guarantee which will allow you to return them if they don’t fit well after a month.

2. Wear thick socks when stretching out your work boots as the additional bulk will encourage the leather to stretch.

3. Use a leather oil or conditioner before you start stretching your boots to make the leather supple.

4. Avoid quick fixes and hacks as these rarely work and might damage your boots.

5. Keep a pair of old boots on hand for the first week of wearing your new boots on site.

Although quick fixes and hacks might seem appealing when you’re eager to wear your new work boots on site. There really is only one safe, sure fire way to stretch your boots out perfectly and it will require time and patience and different materials of boots will require varying times to make them fit. 

The first thing to remember before you begin is that your boots are likely made of leather which is an animal skin. The best way to make a skin supple is to moisturise it, so it follows that the best way to prepare your boots for stretching is to treat them with a leather oil or conditioner. Although this is not essential it should make the stretching process a little quicker.

Once your work boots have been treated with an oil or conditioner you can begin wearing them in. Before putting them on take each boot and firmly push the toe up towards the ankle. Repeat this three or four times to help encourage flexibility in the sole.

It will take some time for your new boots to stretch and conform to your feet so you should plan to wear them in for around a month before wearing them to work. Start off wearing them around the house for 10 to 20 minutes per day, ensuring that you take them off as soon as they start to pinch.

Over the course of the month you will need to increase the amount of time that you wear your boots every day until you are able to wear them comfortably for a full day.

As soon as you are able to wear your boots comfortably all day for two days in a row you are ready to take them out on site. Make sure you keep an old pair of work boots on hand for the first week of wearing your new boots to work, just in case.

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