Job site Crane Prank!

Pranks are common on every job site and you will have fun if you embrace them along with your coworkers. While they can sometimes turn out dangerous, pranks do make the job site funnier and build more camaraderie between all the workers.

Man I would hate to be this Guy!!

One of the top construction site pranks is when the portable toilet is attached to the crane. The person inside will have no option other than to stay inside and since these toilets keep all the urine inside, this can sometimes be quite disgusting. There is no need to tip it over, but by spinning it around a little, the person might become disorientated and you can have some fun.
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We would like you to share a few of the common and uncommon pranks that you and your coworkers have pulled on one another.

We would also like to encourage you to let us know how these pranks have affected you and if you have any creative, yet safe ideas for pranks. Please share all your thoughts inn the comment section below.

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